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General information

OFFICIALDOCZ provides centralized and unified access to public administration information sources and services. The information (tips, instructions, descriptions) that the visitor is looking for is often part of the information servers of individual departments. The purpose of OFFICIALDOCZ is to integrate this information and services and to provide them to the user in a clear and accessible form.


Buying a driver’s license from us in our expertise

We are the best company in Europe that produces LEGAL documents, with a long life and a guarantee for sending the documents of the driving license to the clients. We have proven to be the best in many markets. And we will continue to satisfy our customers. Make no exception today to obtain a driver’s license.

Our mission is to satisfy everyone who wants to drive and, for whatever reason, cannot obtain a registered driving license. In general, our mission is to keep our customers happy.

To obtain a driver’s license, please contact us
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Buying a driver’s license from us is absolutely safe, with warranty procedures

Our history

We are a document delivery company that has been around since 2000, offering travel, transportation and citizenship documents for those who find it difficult to do so. Over 60% of people have difficulty obtaining a driving license in Europe and especially in Germany. Our goal is to solve this problem and bring each customer home. We also resolve issues related to MPUs and driver’s licenses. It is also always difficult to get multiple driver’s license classes at the same time. With us you can solve these problems. We can offer you many classes of driving licenses, from normal cars to trucks at the same time.

We process driving licenses for Germany, Romania, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Europe with strong relationships and IT experience to deliver 100% original driving licenses and other documents.

Our staff respects the customer and will be happy to answer and explain all your concerns, teach you how to use the document, tell you how to avoid losing your hard-earned document, and answer all your questions. We assure you that you will get the best customer service from our agents. We respond every hour or 24 hours and we are ready to solve your problems. We will clear up any doubts before you buy. We are here for you.

We are a reliable company with real work practices, which have a 100% guarantee

Below is an overview of how we work.

As soon as you contact us and we have a valid contact agreement, which depends on the category of your driving license, we need your working details so that we can start working immediately.

After we process your document, we’ll show you photo and video proof of availability for review and confirmation. As soon as you have confirmed availability and validity, we need the payment process, and delivery takes place immediately.

We deliver our documents by regular mail, such as DHL, EMS, UPS, depending on your address and the choice of your agency. When we deliver the document to you, we’ll provide you with a tracking number that you can check on the agency you selected for delivery.

Our shipping methods are very secure and in recent years we have never lost a package during the shipping process, so you are 100% guaranteed to receive the document.

You are welcome to contact us on the “Contact” page or simply send us a message.

You will be happy to work with us


Our Services – I want to buy an original driver’s license

We produce genuine driving licenses, registered for 28 EEA countries and for the entire European continent. These licenses produced by us comply with all the provisions of the European Parliament of 2006, which subsequently entered into force on 19 January 2013. The introduction of the microchip into cards to prevent system fraud.

All ordered EU document forms are produced within 3 days of the customer’s submission of personal license data. For driving licenses, after production, they are recorded in the respective databases – UK driving licenses in DVLA, Irish driving licenses in DVA and for other European countries, in their sectors controlled by their governments, this is done for real driving licenses.

After that, the product is now delivered by highly reliable and trustworthy courier services such as EMS, DHL etc. The customer then receives the package at his door. Many customers praised and hailed our services for their speed, peace of mind and reliability.






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What do we do as lawyers of Romanian citizenship?

We take an extremely tedious, confusing and frustrating procedure and do it for you.

You don’t have to wait in front of public institutions,

-You no longer have to adapt to the special program created by public institutions,

-You no longer have to submit to the stress caused by official officers and the bureaucratic and hostile attitude they show;

-You no longer have to wait weeks for a response from public institutions;

-You don’t have to go back to the same institution several times to finally get a complete file.

If you choose to do this yourself, we warn you that legal procedures often change in this area and you should systematically update the data you have already obtained so that nothing is omitted when submitting documentation.

We know how to receive your documents as soon as possible and with the least complications, because our team handles such procedures on a daily basis.

Therefore, you can enjoy a normal life without headaches and aches and pains caused by such a procedure.driving license

You can trust us to get the documents you need in private or for your professional work. We also value time.

We are a team of competent specialists, in continuous development and evolution, in order to be able to offer us services on the entire national territory, in terms of quality and efficiency.

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