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Attention motorists: millions of Driving license in Germany will be invalid from July – to whom the deadline applies Created: 07/02/2022 06:21 By Luisa Weckesser, Lucas Maier The big exchange will begin in 2022: then the first driving licenses in Germany will have to be exchanged – older driving licenses are also affected by the new law and will expire.

To drive in Germany, in principle,  you need a driving license issued in Germany or another EU country . Driving licenses from non-EU countries are only valid for six months in Germany. This means that you are only allowed to drive in Germany with a driving license from your home country for the first six months.

People born in the mid-1950s were due to exchange their driving licenses in Germany by January 19, 2022, as the government implements EU-standard digitalized versions, but the deadline has now been extended by six months.

Drivers have been given an extra six months to exchange old licenses in Germany

Germany is currently in the process of exchanging millions of older paper driving licenses. To comply with new EU regulations requiring them to be uniform across the bloc. Forgery-proof, and recorded in a centralized database. With about 43 million licenses needing to be replaced by 2033. The federal republic is proceeding in stages to avoid overwhelming driving license authorities in citizens’ offices and other locations.

The first group called up to exchange their licenses – people born between 1953 and 1958 who still have a paper license issued before December 31, 1998 (either in West or East Germany) – had been given until January 19, 2022, to make the switch , but with the coronavirus pandemic still causing administrative issues across the country, the deadline has been extended to July 19, 2022.

Extension to be approved by the Bundesrat as soon as possible

The leader of the state interior ministers’ conference, Joachim Herrmann, who is the interior minister for Bavaria, said that a motion to amend the ordinance would be introduced immediately to the Bundesrat and that before this comes into force, the warning fine of 10 euros will be waived by  police .

“However, all those affected should immediately take care of the exchange in the meantime.” Herrman said, explaining that it could take several weeks for the new licenses to be issued.

The extension was welcomed by the German Motorists’ Club ADAC. Which said the move would ease the minds of many drivers in Germany. “For the affected driving license holders. The decision brings the certainty that they can continue to drive with the old license for the coming months without worries and do not have to fear fines.” ADAC said.

Driving license in Germany

All paper licenses to be phased out by 2033

The next group due to exchange their licenses will be people born between 1959 and 1964. The deadline for this age group is currently set at January 19, 2023, but it may also be extended. The final deadline is January 19, 2033.

The Federal Ministry of Transport has said that anyone  driving in Germany on an old driving license after their respective deadline has passed will be considered to be driving on an expired license and will be subject to a warning fine of 10 euros.

It costs 25 euros to make the switch, and no further driving tests or medical exams are required.

Attention motorists: millions of driving licenses will be invalid from July – to whom the deadline applies

Created: 07/02/2022 06:21

By: Luisa Weckesser, Lucas Maier

The big exchange will begin in 2022: then the first driving licenses in Germany will have to be exchanged – older driving licenses are also affected by the new law and will expire.

(Iconic image) © picture alliance/Oliver Berg/DPA

Older driver’s licenses expire in 2022.

The first exchange period should end in January.

However, the deadline has been extended to July.

Kassel – Whether car, motorbike or truck: you need a driving license for almost all vehicles in Germany.

However, under number 4b there is an expiry date on many ID cards.

Previously, however, old driver’s licenses were exempt from this – only those issued after 2013 were affected.

Due to an EU regulation, driving licenses issued before 2013 are only valid for 15 years.

From 2022, these must be exchanged in stages.

Due to the current burdens caused by the corona pandemic, the interior ministries of the federal states have agreed to extend the exchange period until July 19, 2022.

This was subsequently confirmed by the Federal Council.

Only then should a fine of 10 euros be due for non-compliance.

The first deadline was originally supposed to end on January 19, 2022.

You can find out when you need to reapply for your driving license here.

Driving license classes at a glance
AM, A1, A2, A Two-wheeled vehicles (scooter, moped, motorcycle limited, motorbike)
B Driving license up to 3.5 tons
C1, C truck classes
D1, D bus classes
X+E The respective class with trailer (except for A classes)
L and T tractor classes

A new law from 2022: Car and motorcycle driving license in Germany expires in July

The expiry date only ends the validity of the document.

The driver’s license remains in force.

All driver’s license documents that were issued before the key date of January 19, 2013 are affected by the new regulation.

The change has been known since 2016.

In Germany, the order to exchange a  Driving license in Germany came into force on March 18, 2019, in the Federal Law Gazette.

Not only car driving licenses are affected, but driving licenses of all classes.

Car change from July: Millions of driver’s licenses affected by the expiration date

In Germany, a total of 43 million people are affected by the driver’s license exchange.

In order to prevent the offices from being overloaded, both the federal states and the federal government have agreed to exchange driving licenses at different times.

According to a statement from the state government, around ten million people are said to be affected by the mandatory exchange in North Rhine-Westphalia alone.

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Driving license in Germany exchange: the deadline expires for many in July – then there is a risk of a fine

Whatsapp status: There are legal consequences in the event of an error

However, not all driver’s licenses are treated equally.

For some it depends on the date of issue, for others it depends on the owner’s date of birth.

How to distinguish:

Driving licenses invalid from July: These exceptions will apply to motorists in 2022

If you were born before 1953 and have a driver’s license, you are not obliged to exchange it.

The committee justifies it by saying that it is unclear whether license holders will still be able to use it at all in 2033.

From then on, the exchanged driver’s license is mandatory for everyone.

Exhibition before/on December 31, 1998 This is graded according to the year of birth
Exhibition after/on January 1st, 1999 This is staggered according to the year of issue

Driving license in Germany soon to be invalid – The first deadline ends on July 19, 2022

The introduction of the new EU driver’s license is not expected to be completed until 2033, but older drivers already have to hurry to exchange them.

The first deadline ends on July 19, 2022. This means that holders of old driving licenses who were born between 1953 and 1958 only have a few months to exchange them.

Many cities in North Rhine-Westphalia expected a rush.

Time could also be short for those born between 1959 and 1964 (deadline: January 19, 2023), as many road traffic authorities are not prepared for the onslaught, reports the trade journal auto motor und sport: “Many authorities refer to the last one on their websites deadline in 2033, leaving readers believing they can wait that long,” the magazine said.

Affected holders of a car driver’s license can check the ADAC website to see which deadline applies to them.

In addition, further changes for consumers will come into force from July 2022.

From July: deadlines for exchanging Driving license in Germany (date of issue up to December 31, 1998)

Year of birth of the owner The driver’s license must be exchanged by this date
before 1953 01/19/2033
1953 – 1958 07/19/2022
1959 – 1964 01/19/2023
1965 – 1970 01/19/2024
1971 or later 01/19/2025

From July: deadlines for exchanging Driving license in Germany (date of issue after January 1, 1999)

year of issue The driver’s license must be exchanged by this date
1999 – 2001 01/19/2026
2002 – 2004 01/19/2027
2005 – 2007 01/19/2028
2008 01/19/2029
2009 01/19/2030
2010 01/19/2031
2011 01/19/2032
2012 – 01/18/2013 01/19/2033

Exchange Driving license in Germany from July 2022: These documents are required

If you want to exchange your driver’s license, you will need various documents in addition to an appointment at the driver’s license office in your city.

  • The old driver’s license.
  • Valid identity card, passport, or foreign passport; upon presentation of the passport or foreign passport, in addition to a current registration certificate that must not be older than 6 months.
  • A current biometric photo (size 45×35 millimeters, portrait format, frontal photo).
  • If necessary, a copy of the index card from the issuing authority – is required when moving.

The new catalog of fines came into force on November 9, 2021.

In the future, drivers will have to dig deeper into their pockets for illegal parking and speeding.

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