I have a scheduled driver's license test at a DMV but it says it's closed on the scheduled day are they gonna let me take the test
I have a scheduled driver’s license test at a DMV, but it says it’s closed on the scheduled day are they gonna let me take the test?
Road testing must be scheduled in advance.
A valid learner permit must be presented at the time of the scheduled road test.
What to do:
  • Be prepared for the road test.  See what the test will evaluate.
  • Schedule your test through DMV’s online appointment system.
  • Collect the necessary documents to bring to DMV on test day.  See below: „What to bring.”
What to bring:
  • Provide a mechanically safe vehicle for the test.
  • Provide vehicle’s valid registration.
  • Present vehicle’s Connecticut Insurance card. The required proof of insurance must be in the same name as on the registration, with the exception of leased vehicles, which may be in the name of the lessee.
  • Must present the CS1 certificate at the time of testing.
  • Out-of-State Vehicles: Individuals using an out-of-state registered vehicle must bring proof of the vehicle’s insurance (declaration page or insurance policy).  Insurance must meet Connecticut requirements.
  • Valid learner permit.
What it will cost:
  • The fee for the road test is paid at the time of your knowledge test.
  • Once you pass the road test, the fee for your driver’s license will be $72.
What to do if you fail the Road Test?
  • You will be required to wait for a minimum of two weeks (14 days) before you can test again.
  • Schedule retest and pay a $40 testing fee.

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